Company Profile

Beijing Fullerton is a trading company sells parts for conveyor system. Our factory was established in year 1998 at Shenyang, China. Covering an area of  50,000 square meters, with 450 million yuan total assets. 


Efficiency is the Key

Most, if not all Companies around the world are looking at their equipment and focusing on maximizing efficiency and productivity to get More with Less.  Current Challenge is to take operating costs out of Your Business to align with Challenging demand.

Think Global, Think International Services, Think Economical Pricing 
Fullerton China is managed team with the aim of providing a Total Solution Package to our Esteem.  We have the technology, we understood the demand of Global Clients, we adopted Chinese Economical Cost Structure without compromising Quality and we are Transparent in our Process.  In Short - We provide 85% of European Quality at 30% of European Prices.  


We apply Chinese FTA with designated countries to reduce your Import Tax and increase ROI. 


We are Your Partner for Material Handling Requirements.  

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Our Service


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Business Scope: Electric Power Industry, Ports, Mining Industry


Electric Power Industry


Mining Indusry